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Complete Hip Parade - CD Bundle

Complete Hip Parade - CD Bundle

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This is the entire Hip Parade collection including the latest EP "Switches (Sad Machine)".


I'll Be Your Audience - Album

1. Get Out of London

2. Waiting for the Sunshine

3. Talk to Me

4. Teenage Romance

5. Katie Goes Dancing

6. Girl on the Radio

7. Last Chance

8. Getting Chased

9. Dynamite

10. Catastrophe

11. Dilemma

12. Haircuts and Cardigans



Talk to Me

1. Talk to Me

2. Money (Whats the Colour?)

3. Talk to Me (Slab Boy Mix)



Katie Goes Dancing

1. Katie Goes Dancing

2. Getting Chased




1. Catastrophe

2. Girl on the Radio (OUA Version)



Switches EP

1. Switches (Sad Machine)

2. Switches (Sad Machine) [Feat. EightyTwo]

3. Wasted Time

4. All the Bad Kids

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